Amélie Hike the East Coast Trail – Day 23


Amélie and Sébastien on top of Bawden's Highlands

This is the most strenuous bit of trail we’ve seen yet.

By far.

The climb is especially difficult for Amélie, since there are hundreds of spots where her two-year-old legs are much too short to step over the large boulders that make up much of the path. But the incredible views are well worth the effort.

Quidi Vidi Village Plantation


IMG_1633 IMG_1637

Not to be discouraged by a challenge, Amélie trekked onwards, encouraged by the fairies who left candy for her along the path.

Helping out the fairies was a wonderful young couple on vacation in Newfoundland from New York City. They were very good at telling the fairies where the “best” spots to hide the little pieces of encouragement would be!

In a little less than two hours, Amélie has climbed all the way up to Bawdens Highland, overlooking Cuckold’s Head and the Quidi Vidi Lake, where the St. John’s Royal Regatta is held every August (“the oldest sporting event in North America”).




Amélie celebrating her climb at the peak of Bawdens Highland.



MAPPING Hike Progress

  1. 0.15km (Our house to Alder Hill)
  2. 1km (Alder Hill to Bears Cove Inn)
  3. 1.65km (Bears Cove Inn to Tobin Memorial)
  4. 1.5km (Tobin Memorial to Otter Cove)
  5. 1km (Otter Cove to Upper Red Cove)
  6. 0.6km (Upper Red Cove to South Head)
  7. 4km (South Head to Bay Bulls Trailhead parking lot)
  8. 3km (Bay Bulls Trailhead to Captain Wayne’s Excursions)
  9. 5.8km (Captain Wayne’s Excursions to the Bull Head Light)
  10. 7.2km (Fort Amherst to The Battery)
  11. 1.3km (Our house to Harrigan’s Grocery & Convenience)
  12. 3.5km (Harrigan’s Convenience to Camel Cove Beach)
  13. 1.8km (Mobile Beach to Herring Cove)
  14. 500m (Deadman’s Bay Trailhead to Lookout Point)
  15. 4km (Herring Cove to Camel Cove Beach)
  16. 2.5km (Mobile Beach to Cape Canine)
  17. 3.3km (Cape Canine to The Cribbies)
  18. 2.9km (The Cribbies to Burnt Cove Beach)
  19. 800m (LaManche Bridge to Herring Cove Point)
  20. 1km (Riverside Restaurant to the Cape Broyle Wharf)
  21. 2.7km (Bauline East Wharf to LaManche Bridge)
  22. 3.1km (The Battery to The Quidi Vidi Village Plantation)
  23. 1.5km (The Quidi Vidi Village Plantation to Bawden’s Highlands)
  • Amélie’s total progress: 54.3km/316km
  • Distance walked by the adults today: 3km
  • Total distance walked by the adults: 105.5km



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