Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – DAY 27


Three people walking into a bar: a political blogger, a stem cell biologist, and a Supreme Court justice. Ok. So they’re not walking into a bar. They’re hiking the East Coast Trail with Amélie.


Deadman's Bay

Photos on this page ©Ben Paylor.


One of Séb’s Action Canada friends, Ben Paylor, was in Newfoundland for the week, so we assembled a distinguished entourage to do a short hike, which included Political blogger Des Sullivan and Supreme Court Justice Malcolm Rowe (update: Malcolm has just been appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada!).


Amélie and Blackhead Village

Amélie posing on the trail, with Blackhead Village in the background. (Photo ©Ben Paylor)


Despite the great company, Amélie’s progress on the trail today was not quite what we’d thought she’d accomplish – especially given the great start. Leaving off from Blackhead Village, she made great headway despite the steep terrain until we reached Bull Head. She then announced that she’d had enough of walking. Séb placed her in the backpack, hoping that she’d hike some more once she had rested up, but she fell asleep in the pack.

We don’t know what did her in.

Maybe it was the long hike the day before?

Maybe it was the hot sun?

Maybe it was all the talk about politics?

Actually, it was probably all the talk about politics.

Yup, definitely the politics.


The rest of us had a great hike up to Freshwater, where, while attempting to solve the world’s problems (the role of municipal leaders in the province’s fate, combatting economic doom and gloom, ways of dealing with a bloated civil service, etc), we crossed the Freshwater barashois and then left the ECT by a side trail towards Shea Heights.


The Freshwater barashois

Des Sullivan, Malcolm Rowe, Sébastien and Amélie (in the backpack) making their way across the Freshwater barashois.


Peggy's Leg

Peggy’s Leg

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MAPPING ECT Progress - Day 27

  1. 0.15km (Our house to Alder Hill)
  2. 1km (Alder Hill to Bears Cove Inn)
  3. 1.65km (Bears Cove Inn to Tobin Memorial)
  4. 1.5km (Tobin Memorial to Otter Cove)
  5. 1km (Otter Cove to Upper Red Cove)
  6. 0.6km (Upper Red Cove to South Head)
  7. 4km (South Head to Bay Bulls Trailhead parking lot)
  8. 3km (Bay Bulls Trailhead to Captain Wayne’s Excursions)
  9. 5.8km (Captain Wayne’s Excursions to the Bull Head Light)
  10. 7.2km (Fort Amherst to The Battery)
  11. 1.3km (Our house to Harrigan’s Grocery & Convenience)
  12. 3.5km (Harrigan’s Convenience to Camel Cove Beach)
  13. 1.8km (Mobile Beach to Herring Cove)
  14. 500m (Deadman’s Bay Trailhead to Lookout Point)
  15. 4km (Herring Cove to Camel Cove Beach)
  16. 2.5km (Mobile Beach to Cape Canine)
  17. 3.3km (Cape Canine to The Cribbies)
  18. 2.9km (The Cribbies to Burnt Cove Beach)
  19. 800m (LaManche Bridge to Herring Cove Point)
  20. 1km (Riverside Restaurant to the Cape Broyle Wharf)
  21. 2.7km (Bauline East Wharf to LaManche Bridge)
  22. 3.1km (The Battery to The Quidi Vidi Village Plantation)
  23. 1.5km (Quidi Vidi Village to Bawden’s Highlands)
  24. 4km (Cape Broyle Wharf to Pagoda Projects)
  25. 2km (Burnt Cove Beach to Bauline East Wharf)
  26. 5.4km (Cappahayden to Island Meadow)
  27. 800m (Blackhead village to Bull Cove)
  • Amélie’s total progress: 66.5km/316km
  • Distance walked by the adults today: 8.2km
  • Total distance walked by the adults: 133.2km



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