Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – Day 18


Amélie woke up this morning talking about going hiking, so it wasn’t hard to convince her to leave the house. We drove up to the Cribbies, where I dropped off Séb and Amélie so I could go feed Évangéline at the decommissioned Tors Cove church 600 metres farther. Twenty minutes later, we were doing the community link together.


The fairies left some candy to encourage Amélie to hike

The fairies left some candy to encourage Amélie to hike.

Celebrating the generosity of the fairies!

Celebrating the generosity of the fairies!


The short path from Tors Cove to Burnt Cove has no East Coast Trail signage, so the fairies had to adapt their method of delivery. Instead of leaving treats on the signposts, the fairies placed the treats on the large rocks that dot the rough ATV trail.




Amélie hadn’t slept very well the night before, so she started to peter out sooner than usual. The hot sun probably had the same effect on her. To encourage her to walk a bit more, we promised her cookies from the Ocean View Bakery. She got peanut butter balls, Séb got shortbreads, and I went for the chocolate chip cookies. The cookies powered her to just a little past Burnt Cove Beach, where we celebrated having an air conditioned car for the first time this year.


Ocean View Bakery, in Burnt Cove



  1. 0.15km (Our house to Alder Hill)
  2. 1km (Alder Hill to Bears Cove Inn)
  3. 1.65km (Bears Cove Inn to Tobin Memorial)
  4. 1.5km (Tobin Memorial to Otter Cove)
  5. 1km (Otter Cove to Upper Red Cove)
  6. 0.6km (Upper Red Cove to South Head)
  7. 4km (South Head to Bay Bulls Trailhead parking lot)
  8. 3km (Bay Bulls Trailhead to Captain Wayne’s Excursions)
  9. 5.8km (Captain Wayne’s Excursions to the Bull Head Light)
  10. 7.2km (Fort Amherst to The Battery)
  11. 1.3km (Our house to Harrigan’s Grocery & Convenience)
  12. 3.5km (Harrigan’s Convenience to Camel Cove Beach)
  13. 1.8km (Mobile Beach to Herring Cove)
  14. 500m (Deadman’s Bay Trailhead to Lookout Point)
  15. 4km (Herring Cove to Camel Cove Beach)
  16. 2.5km (Mobile Beach to Cape Canine)
  17. 3.3km (Cape Canine to The Cribbies)
  18. 2.9km (The Cribbies to Burnt Cove Beach)
  • Amélie’s total progress: 45.2km/316km
  • Distance walked by the adults today: 5.8km
  • Total distance walked by the adults: 86.6km

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