Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – Day 44

CAPE ST. FRANCIS LIGHTHOUSE TO BIG COVE SOUTH Given the fact that the road leading up to Cape St. Francis is only maintained by the Department of Fisheries to ensure the functioning of the lighthouse, very little is spent on its upkeep. We got lucky – when we got there, crews were finalizing the pre-winter grading. Cape St. Francis is one[…]

Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – DAY 43

MUN’S OCEAN SCIENCES CENTRE TO WWII FOXHOLE ON SUGARLOAF HEAD Although it had been calling for rain (and although we hit rain right up to Stavanger Drive on our way to Logy Bay), the trail was nice and dry. We prepared for the rain nonetheless – Amélie put her raincoat on and Évangéline was bundled up in her snowsuit. The hike up[…]

Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – DAY 42

WATER COVE TO PORT KIRWAN’S BELLE MAISON (minus Kingman’s Cove Rd.) Heather was teaching today, so I (Sébastien) decided to do an easy hike with the girls. Since the northern section of Bear Cove Point Path is a solid ATV trail, I felt it was a great place to go. This is a BEAUTIFUL woodland section of the ECT.[…]

Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – DAY 41

CALVERT WHARF TO LANCE COVE It’s been raining and drizzling all morning, but since it’s so nice and warm out – about 20 degrees – we decided it was too nice an opportunity to miss. Getting out of the car, we zipped the girls into their rain suits (with better base layers this time), and started our hike.[…]