Amélie Hikes the East Coast Trail – Day 21


Another BEAUTIFUL afternoon on the trails.


…but it sure didn’t start out like that!

We had a REALLY rough start to the hike. Driving to the trailhead, Amélie dozed off a little in the car. When we got her out of the car, she broke down crying. Hysterically. After a few minutes of coaxing, we slowly started the hike. Fifty feet later, she had broke down again. We waited it out. It was a very long five minutes, but she eventually decided that she wanted to hike… We walked a few more metres, and she asked for a drink of water… then she spilled a few drops on her shorts. Her reaction was apocalyptic. Battery acid wouldn’t have bothered her as much as those four drops of water. Thankfully, we were well-prepared, with two extra pairs of pants at the ready… which… she didn’t like. So she decided to keep her “wet” shorts.

Then Séb offered her a juice box…

…and the world once again began to spin on its axis.


That was all she needed in order to hike nonstop all the way to the LaManche bridge, almost three kilometres further. Well. Not quite nonstop – we stopped at every brook, every stream, and every puddle to throw in a twig or a pebble, we stopped at every walkway to stomp on it, and at every line of stepping stones to jump from one to the next with both feet together.

When she saw the LaManche bridge, she was very excited to once again throw twigs off of it and watch them get swept by the current.


Amélie was having so much fun hiking that she didn’t want to go into the backpack for the way back. We had to tell Amélie we were going to put Évangéline in the backpack for her to (immediately) accept climbing in.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back home.




  1. 0.15km (Our house to Alder Hill)
  2. 1km (Alder Hill to Bears Cove Inn)
  3. 1.65km (Bears Cove Inn to Tobin Memorial)
  4. 1.5km (Tobin Memorial to Otter Cove)
  5. 1km (Otter Cove to Upper Red Cove)
  6. 0.6km (Upper Red Cove to South Head)
  7. 4km (South Head to Bay Bulls Trailhead parking lot)
  8. 3km (Bay Bulls Trailhead to Captain Wayne’s Excursions)
  9. 5.8km (Captain Wayne’s Excursions to the Bull Head Light)
  10. 7.2km (Fort Amherst to The Battery)
  11. 1.3km (Our house to Harrigan’s Grocery & Convenience)
  12. 3.5km (Harrigan’s Convenience to Camel Cove Beach)
  13. 1.8km (Mobile Beach to Herring Cove)
  14. 500m (Deadman’s Bay Trailhead to Lookout Point)
  15. 4km (Herring Cove to Camel Cove Beach)
  16. 2.5km (Mobile Beach to Cape Canine)
  17. 3.3km (Cape Canine to The Cribbies)
  18. 2.9km (The Cribbies to Burnt Cove Beach)
  19. 800m (LaManche Bridge to Herring Cove Point)
  20. 1km (Riverside Restaurant to the Cape Broyle Wharf)
  21. 2.7km (Bauline East Wharf to LaManche Bridge)
  • Amélie’s total progress: 49.7km/316km
  • Distance walked by the adults today: 5.4km
  • Total distance walked by the adults: 97.4km


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