Amélie hikes the East Coast Trail – Day 7

Cougar Helicopter on an approach in Bay BullsCougar Helicopter hovering over O'Brien's Tour Boat in Bay BullsWooden Staircase, Mickeleens Path, East Coast TrailStone path, East Coast TrailBaboul Rocks, Bay Bulls, NL
South Head, Mickeleens Path, East Coast Trail










After six days of slow progress, we thought we’d figured out Amélie’s speed and stamina, but today, she shifted gears and DEMOLISHED the second half of Mickeleen’s Path in one go!

When we set out from the Bay Bulls trailhead, we were so sure that Amélie would quit early on that Séb didn’t bother bringing the kid carrier. Séb started regretting not having brought it when she hiked all the way to Island Cove without a single break.

Big Cove on Mickeleens Path, Bay Bulls

There were many distractions helping us keep Amélie interested in the hike – a humpback breaching in the harbour, dozens of squirrels’ territorial rattle calls, and a training exercise between a Cougar Helicopter and the O’Brien’s tour boat. The helicopter hovered just above the boat for nearly ten minutes!
Despite the rough terrain, Amélie kept on truckin’ all the way to South Head, where we had a snack.

Séb carried Amélie in his arms back to the trailhead.


Thank you, Peter & Mary for the drive back to Bay Bulls!



  1. 0.150km (Our house to Alder Hill)
  2. 1km (Alder Hill to Bears Cove Inn)
  3. 1.65km (Bears Cove Inn to Tobin Memorial)
  4. 1.5km (Tobin Memorial to Otter Cove)
  5. 1km (Otter Cove to Upper Red Cove)
  6. 0.6km (Upper Red Cove to South Head)
  7. TODAY: 4km (South Head to Bay Bulls Trailhead parking lot)
  • Amélie’s total progress: 10.1km/316km
  • Distance walked by the
    adults today: 7.6km
  • Total distance walked by adults: 31.1km
  • Total time invested today: 6 hours (includes prep, driving/walking to hike’s starting point, total time on the trail, and the drive/walk back home).
  • Total time invested in the effort: 21 hours


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